Watch: Splits To Headstands, Dancer Does It All In A “Well-Draped Saree”




Dancer Rukmini Vijayakumar has wowed Instagram by doing splits, flips and more in a saree.

Dancer Rukmini Vijayakumar has wowed Instagram with a video that shows her performing splits, backflips and more with expert ease. What impressed viewers is not so much the fact that she performed these stunts, but the fact that she did it all while wearing a saree

In a video which she shared on Instagram, Ms Vijayakumar was seen doing splits, headstands, backflips and more – stunts that are tough to perform even in the comfiest of clothes. The dancer, however, seems perfectly at ease while practicing for a longer dance routine in a saree

“The things we can do in a well draped saree,” she wrote while sharing the video.”All the clips are ‘behind the scenes’ ….from the video that I directed last year for World Yoga Day,” she added.

Since being shared on Saturday, the video has racked up more than 6.5 lakh views on the photo and video sharing platform, along with thousands of comments and ‘likes’.

“This is amazing,” wrote one Instagram user, while another said, “Incredible”. 

“Wow. Please make a video on how you drape a saree this way,” a viewer requested. 

The video shared by Rukmini Vijayakumar shows her practicing for a longer dance routine which she shared on the occasion of World Yoga Day last year. The video, titled ‘Namami Yoga-Vidye’, has clocked 2 million views on YouTube

Sarees may not exactly seem like the best choice for yoga, dance, exercise or anything that requires too much movement – or so one would think. A number of women have proven this wrong with videos that show them doing everything from gymnastic stunts to hula hoop dances while wearing the six-yard garment.

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