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Kangana Ranaut’s Team Slams Taapsee Pannu For Trying To ‘Sabotage Justice The Nation Wants For Sushant’


Kangana Ranaut is known for her confident and bold perspective. She is recognized by everyone for speaking out her mind. Recently, in an interview with a leading news channel, she called out Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra and other Bollywood biggies and alleged them to be the ‘suicide gang’ of the industry. She also called Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhasker as ‘B-grade’ actresses and ‘needy outsiders’. Since then, a social media war broke out between the actresses and recently, team Kangana slammed Pannu for her double standards.

A Twitter user recently posted a video of the ‘Thappad’ actress’ interview where she did not react to being called a ‘non A-lister’ along with Swara bhasker and Richa Chadha. The user asked as to why she did not have any problem with being called that on National Television.

The ‘Panga’ actress’ team took to Twitter and hit back at the ‘Pink’ for her double standards. They say that Taapsee does not have any problem when Bollywood mafia gang calls her a ‘B-grade’ actress but humiliates Kangana for the same reason.

Team Kangana retweeted the video of Taapsee giving interview to a leading news channel. The tweet read, “Taapsee has called herself B grade in many of her interviews. When English speaking media or Bollywood mafia call her B grade she won’t humiliate them as she humiliates Kangana. Double standards?”

Another Twitter user tweeted about the ‘Pink’ actress making a statement about nepotism. The user wrote, “#TaapseePannu Speaks On Nepotism In Bollywood, #SushantSinghrajput dislikes are 3x of likes& comments me toh “taapsee fans” bhare pade hai next time don’t try to divert attention. #kanganaranaut is fighting for a cause don’t attempt to derail it.”

Kangana’s team retweeted the tweet and wrote, “Taapsee ji said she can’t do drama for TRP’s it’s a shame for a non existent career of hers she is trying to sabotage justice that whole nation wants for Sushant. For TRPs one needs valid points, brains, cohesive narrative and articulation…”

The ‘Queen’ actress’ digital team drew attention to the fact how Taapsee brought up that she cannot do drama for TRP. The team blamed her for trying to sabotage justice for Sushant which the whole nation wants. The team went on to add, “…simply trying to humiliate struggle of a great woman like Kangana who not only put her glorious career at stake but even her own life in danger, shame on such greedy people”

For the moment, Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans from around the globe are praying and seeking justice for the late actor.

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