Daily Quiz | On Food Cuisines


Daily Quiz | On Food Cuisines

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The Hindi word ‘chaatna’, meaning ‘to lick’, has led to a genre of the popular street. What finger-licking category of food does this refer to?

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A batter made of a mixture of rice and urad dal is steamed to make this soft, spongy, and savoury snack found across over Gujarat. Name this famous dish.

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Goan cuisine is known for its abundance usage of fresh seafood, but one of the Goan specialties includes this spicy dish that features pork. What is one of its most famous dishes which is derived from the Portuguese cuisine?

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By what popular name do we know a tempered mix of spices (noun) and the same word also is a verb describing the act of tempering spices in hot oil?

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A popular breakfast in Karnataka is a combination of Kesari bath (sweet) and Khara bath (spicy rava upma) served with coconut chutney. Name the dish.

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