New Year Resolutions for 2023: Staying Healthy, Taking up a hobby to Loving yourself


Image Source : FREEP8IK New Year Resolutions for 2023

As we approach the end of the year, we may feel focused, driven, settled, ambitious or content. We may choose to be grateful for whatever we have received and the lessons we learned. The next step would be to work towards new goals and resolutions. Whatever our mood, we are preoccupied with working out a list of new year’s resolutions and how to keep them this time. But, the real challenge is in keeping up the momentum to achieve the goals. Chaotic routines, dwindling will-power or laziness tend to succumb to these at some point or the other. However, this year, let’s take a pledge to work on our resolutions dedicatedly. Recharge your spirits and boost yourself to stick by your resolutions.

It is important to be mindful, take responsibility, stay committed and direct all focus on the alignment of energy, mindset and action in order to stick to one’s new year resolutions. Start with a picture of your future self in your mind; make the image big and bright, feel it deeply and hold onto it as a daily reminder. Don’t be too hard or too easy on self and most importantly, enjoy the process of change and transformation. Remember, winners and losers have the same goals; it is what one does to fill the ‘gap’ in between that makes all the difference.

Choose Green: Opting an eco-friendly lifestyle, planting trees around you to adopting sustainable fashion and green food, one can go healthy this 2023.

Being healthy: Adding a little bit of exercise to your routine and protecting yourself from the shadow of COVID-19 should be your priority.

Loving yourself: It is important to love yourself and be your own hero. 

Hobby: Choosing a hobby or following your passion should be your resolution. If not a new one, you can always restart an old hobby or follow something you love.

Keep yourself motivated to stay on track. You know what works best for you. It could be the company of a friend or reading an inspiring fitness/travel story.

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