Pune-based start-up to supply 840 anti-submarine warfare training targets to Navy


A Pune-based deep tech start-up has won an innovation challenge posed by Navy for indigenous production of “expendable mobile anti-submarine warfare training target (EMATT)“ capable of simulating sound and movement of a submarine.

The Defence Ministry on Wednesday signed the contract with Altair Infrasec Private Limited under the Defence India Start-up Challenge (DISC 7) edition to acquire EMATTs for Navy.

This was the 150th contract signed under Department of Defence Production’s initiative called Innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX). The challenge envisaged development of a training target capable of being deployed from P8I aircraft, MH60R helicopters, ships doing speed up to 10 knots and other remotely piloted aircraft without undertaking any modification on the platform from which the EMATT is required to be launched, the ministry said.

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Altair Infrasec Pvt Ltd COO Anil Anand told businessline that EMATT prototype is at an advanced stage of production and should be ready in next six months and it will delivered to Indian Navy in less than nine months.

Our contractual obligation is to provide 840 EMATTs but we expect the number to go up since its a training target, Anand added.

The innovation in the anti-submarine warfare space will propel India into elite club dominated by the US. So far, only America’s Lockheed Martin and SAAB, a Swedish aerospace and defence company, manufactured them, Altair Infrasec COO said.

He declined to comment on the worth of the contract and stated that the company has plans to export the product to other countries, including the US. Altair, however, will have to seek permission before striking any business deal with other countries or foreign manufacturers, the COO clarified.

Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane, who was also present at the event, elaborated on the initiatives taken by the government that helped private sector companies in contributing to the nation building.

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