Army hospital encourages organ donation to save lives


The Army is encouraging organ donation which is helping save many lives not just of persons in uniform but civilians too.

In the last five years, the Army Hospital Research and Referral (AHRR) had 130 cases of organ donations, which has helped the doctors to perform nine heart transplants, four liver transplants and countless kidney transplants.

The hospital is scripting heartwarming tales of organ donation that are saving many lives, a spokesperson told businessline..

One such story emerged on December 14, 2022. A 27-year-old newly wed Air warrior cpl Sachin was bought to AHRR on December 12 after sustaining head injury. He was unfortunately declared brain dead despite all efforts.

After counselling his 22-year-old wife Manisha and elderly parent, the family then consented to donate heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and cornea to other patients a new lease of life.

The lungs were allocated to Medanta transported via Green Corridor while one kidney was allocated to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). The heart, liver and a kidney including both cornea was utilised by AHRR.

All the organs were successfully transplanted to serving personnel. Bones too were harvested for the first time at the Armed Forces Medical Services on December 17, the spokesperson said.

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