New on Amazon Prime Video: ‘Modern Love Amsterdam’, ‘Half Pants Full Pants’, and more


A still from ‘Half Pants Full Pants’
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Here is the full list of new titles on the platform:

What’s new on Amazon Prime Video

Half Pants Full Pants – 16 December

Adapted from Anand Suspi’s eponymous book, Half Pants Full Pants is set in a small town in South India, before the age of the internet and mobiles, where the adventurous and ambitious 7-year-old boy Anand aka Dabba lives. He along with his friend, the obedient and well-mannered Giddy go on adventures that will warm audiences’ hearts and make them miss the good old simple days of mischief and innocence. The eight-episode series features child actors Ashwanth Ashokkumar and Kartik Vijan along with renowned actors Ashish Vidyarthi and Sonali Kulkarni.

Nanny – 16 December

Set in New York City, Nanny is a psychological horror about displacement. Aisha (Anna Diop), a woman who recently emigrated from Senegal, is hired to care for the daughter of an affluent couple (Michelle Monaghan and Morgan Spector) living in New York City. Haunted by the absence of the young son she left behind, Aisha hopes her new job will afford her the chance to bring him to the U.S. but becomes increasingly unsettled by the family’s volatile home life. As his arrival approaches, a violent presence begins to invade both her dreams and her reality, threatening the American dream she is painstakingly piecing together.

Eleita – 16th December

Clarice Falcão starrer Eleita narrates the story of Fefê (Clarice Falcão), a digital influencer who decides to play a game with her friends in which she attempts to become Rio de Janeiro’s governor and wins the election. Now, with a great responsibility in hand, Fefê has no idea how to manage so much power over the state. The comedy series also stars Ingrid Guimarães, Diogo Defante, Luciana Paes, Diogo Vilela and Polly Marinho in lead roles 

Manana Es Hoy – 16 December

In the summer of 1991, the Gaspar family begins their vacations on the beach, but after arguing with their father, Lucia, the teenage daughter, decides to run away with her boyfriend. A thunderstorm catches the rest of the family aboard a pedal boat and when they manage to return to the coast they discover that they have traveled to 2022! Amidst a crazy future full of smartphones, selfies and trap music, will they be able to return to the placid nineties? Mañana es hoy features Carmen Machi, Javier Gutierrez and Pepon Nieto in pivotal roles

Modern Love Amsterdam – 16th December

The series will explore love in the most unique and authentic way focussing on how should an open relationship handle equality and dependency if one person suddenly becomes disabled. What does fidelity look like in an open relationship? Several high-profile Dutch directors and writers have collaborated on the series’ episodes, each of which takes place in Amsterdam. The romantic series stars Malou Gorter, Kharim Amier, Bart Harder, Maarten Heijmans, Jelle Mensink, Roos Ouwehand, Minne Koole, Wouter Severijn, Erika Minderop, Lisa De Rooy, Hannah Hoekstra, Lotte Dunselman, Sophie Höppener, Noortje Herlaar, Fjodor Jozefzoon, Ricky Koole, Jonas Smulders, and Ilke Paddenburg in the pivotal roles.

Filho da Mãe – 16th December

Filho da Mãe, starring Paulo Gustavo, revolves around his personal life. The documentary narrates the story of the actor who appears on stage and beyond singing, dancing, playing with the team and dreaming big. The documentary also stars Fil Braz and Ingrid Guimarães in the lead roles.

The Grand Tour S4- 17 December

In their first post-pandemic road trip, Jeremy, Richard and James head for the icy wastes of the Scandinavian Arctic Circle. At the wheel of their three favourite rally cars, the boys embark on a catastrophe-filled adventure that takes in Cold War sub-bases, frozen lake race tracks, crashes and ski resort chaos as they drag their homemade houses from the coast of Norway to the Russian Border.

LOL Xmas Special: Chi ride è fuori S1- 19 December

LOL Xmas Special: Chi ride è fuori S1 is an Italian television series where ten professional comedians come together and have a face-off where they try and make each other laugh. The series stars Fedez, Frank Matano and Pasquale Petrolo in lead roles.

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