Army to buy 36 sets of tactical engagement simulators for weapons training


The Army intends to buy 36 sets of tactical engagement simulators (TES) for weapons training at infantry regimental centres, ahead of the first batch of Agniveers expected to don olive green uniform next year.

One set of TES should consist of subsystems — such as body and helmet harness, Laser Unit (LU), Sensor Unit (SU) and Display Unit (DU) — capable of training 50 participants, said the Army. The Army will be issuing Request for Proposal on December 1 for the purchase of the TES.

Since the simulators use laser instead of bullet to fire, the Army said the LU should be fitted on the muzzle and the SU should be to detect and decode simulated ammunition laser code, said the Army.

Assign ammunition

The purpose of display unit is to showcase activities like ammunition selection, fire button press, range received of target and sub-modules status like battery level, damage (M kill) and destroy (K kill), bidding process documents point out. The simulators should also have ‘umpire gun’, having primary function to enable or disable any participant, change mode of laser module like alignment, and ready to fire mode. It should equally be able to assign ammunition and activate disabled individuals.

The Army desired that the simulators should have EXCON, which is the exercise control system with computer and software. Instructor should be able to track each participant in near real time on EXCON display 2D or 3D map and should be capable of enabling or disabling any candidate as well, it stressed.

The TES should be equipped with wireless communication systems. The simulators will help Army train Agniveers effectively in large volumes and economically, commented Army officials

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