A cat show in Hyderabad for cat lovers


Love the purr and the occasional slaps of your cat.? That cats are demanding and still find their way into your heart is a huge part of their charm, as any cat lover would tell you. The first Hyderabad Cat Show organised by the Feline Club of India is a welcome addition to cat lovers’ calendar. 

This show gives cat owners an opportunity to network and understand their cats and their needs. The interesting lineup of events includes talks by experts on the health and maintenance of cats, engaging a cat for exercise, proper grooming methods and a discussion on pet diet and needs. Also, two judges — Fadly Saud and Indra Fazir — will judge cats on breed standards, health and hygiene, grooming and activeness.

There will be no cat-walking. Saniya Pathan Patel coordinator for the Feline Club of India says, “This event is not a beauty pageant; it is meant for all. We do not deal in buying and selling of cats but people are free to network and adopt.”  Cats that were vaccinated a fortnight ago and microchipped have registered for the ticketed event, she informs.

The Hyderabad Cat show will be held at HF Convention Pillar no 247, Rajendra Nagar on November 6, 10am onwards.  Tickets available at

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