Nagaland CM Rio says the prime need of Naga society is oneness, unity & harmony


Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio said realising that the prime need of the Naga society at the moment is oneness, unity and harmony, the government incorporated the word ‘Unity’ in the state’s emblem.

Rio was speaking as the special guest during the culmination programme of the year-long celebration of 75 years of the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) on the theme “Call to oneness” here. NSF is an apex body of the Naga students and youths.

“Unfortunately, division amongst the Naga family started in the 1960s, and is continuing unabated till today. The Naga nationalist groups are divided into several camps, while tribalism is raising its ugly head in the Naga civil society. Sadly, as of today, we do not even have a single true pan-Naga organization, be it a civil society, a tribal body or students’ organization,” said Rio.

Realizing the prime need of the Naga society at the moment for oneness, unity and harmony, the government took the lead and incorporated the word ‘Unity’ in the state emblem during his first tenure as chief minister, said Rio.

The Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) had passed as many as six resolutions for the unification of all contiguous Naga inhabited areas under one administrative umbrella, with the first resolution in 1964 and the last adopted in the present House in 2018, said Rio.

Stating that the 60 members of the NLA had also decided to form an opposition-less United Democratic Alliance (UDA) government, Rio said “All these can be regarded as some of our collective actions in pursuit of our goal of Naga unity of oneness.” “Today, the Nagas need a new awakening and concerted efforts to stoke the flame of Naga nationhood, patriotism and oneness. This will be the best way we can re-kindle the feelings of oneness and harmony in the Naga society,” he said.

Congratulating the NSF for choosing an important subject “Call to Oneness” as the theme for their 75 years celebration, Rio said in the last 75 years, the NSF had undertaken various initiatives to bring about the spirit of oneness among the Naga brothers and sisters in Naga inhabited areas.

He said the NSF was set up not only for taking care of student related activities, but also to cultivate and preserve the rich Naga identity – cultures, customs and traditional heritage as well as to safeguard the common Naga interest, and promote oneness and cooperation among the Nagas.

NSF president Kegwayhun Tep said that the presence of brethren from across all corners of the Naga homeland in today’s celebration “is in itself a symbolic expression of our most innate desire to always hold the emerging Naga family together as one Naga at all times to come.” “It is important that Nagas be able to see beyond divisions, beyond the prejudices of all regional prefixes and tribal complexities, apart from one’s egoistic mindset, tribal interest and vested ambition, so as to bring about a dignified future for all Nagas,” he said.

Responding to the “Call to Oneness” in commemoration of 75-years of the NSF, Nagas should resolve today to become contributing members to revive and sustain the spirit of oneness amongst Naga people everywhere, said former president of NSF and 75-years celebration planning committee convenor K Temjen Jamir.

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