Paradigm shift needed in innovation strategy: Mashelkar


R A Mashelkar, Chairman of the New Energy Council of Reliance Industries, has called for a paradigm shift in innovation strategy.

Addressing International Knowledge Millennium Conference (IKMC2022) here, he said it was important to have a paradigm shift to accelerate the journey to future readiness.

“Leap frogging is not enough. We need to polevault,” Masheklkar, a former Director-General of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), said.

Deepanwita Chattopadhyay, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IKP, related the journey of the 22-year-old organisation.

“Set up in 1999, the 200-acre Science Park has evolved into a pan-India innovation ecosystem,” she said.

“We feel that innovation players have to be much more agile in order to react to the rapidly evolving technologies and global disruptions caused by climate change,” she said.

The 16th edition of the conference focuses on ‘Sculpting the NEXT: Enabling a Future-ready India’. The two-day event deliberates on how ecosystem enablers help innovators and industries solve some critical world problems .

Uday Desai, Founding Director and Prof. Emeritus of IIT Hyderabad, cross-validation of data was necessary. “It’s not being exploited. We should use blockchain technology to ensure the security of data,” he said.

Pitching for establishing a ‘Data Exchange’ on the lines of the stock exchanges, he said that data monetisation had good potential.

About 80 startups showcased their products and services at the Startup Product Exhibition.

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