Wake up and hit the breakfast in a bottle


If someone told you that eating or drinking from a bottle or jar for breakfast isn’t the right way to begin your day, then they have not tried cold-pressed juices, overnight oats jars (ONO jars) or smoothies made with seasonal fresh fruits, berries and nuts.

To simplify the process of making a healthy breakfast without having to worry about sourcing all ingredients at a time, Dileep Allamsetty started the Breakfast in a Bottle initiative, a subscription-based diet-meal plan. They are currently operating from a central kitchen near Forum Mall in Kukatpally, Hyderabad and deliver within six kilometres, or through food delivery partners. 

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Having worked for several years in the UAE, Dileep’s regular breakfast on the go or at work was either a healthy yet filling smoothie or an ONO jar or a cold-pressed juice. He chose to turn this into a business venture during the lockdown when he was between jobs and considering venturing into the food business. He recalls, “When I started it in June 2020 it was a home-run business where I was the director, chef and the delivery person.”

As a result, these jars and smoothie bottles which are otherwise part of breakfast buffets at premium coffee shops attached to hotel chains, are now being delivered home.

Dileep Allamsetty

Dileep Allamsetty
| Photo Credit: Special arrangement

Dileep says that while preparing breakfast in a bottle is no rocket science, the challenge lies in the availability of all ingredients fresh at the same time as well as the sourcing and stocking them in the right quantities. For instance, stocking premium berries for longer periods is not the best option. “When I started the enterprise during the lockdown, people loved the idea because it saved them the time from preparing breakfasts. With increased focus on health and fresh food, I didn’t find it hard to persuade people.”

After COVID-induced restrictions eased, Dileep hired a nutritionist to handle dietary requirements. “As the business expanded, I we felt the need to customise our bottles as per clients’ requirements, say non-dairy, no nuts, or to cater to food allergies .”  The brand is also available on SustainKart in Jubilee Hills.

When Dileep forayed into cold-pressed juices, he chose to offer interesting flavours that would entice people to have even vegetable juice. The team brainstormed to come up with a combination of vegetables and fruits that complemented each other’s flavours. “I want to do celery, broccoli and cucumber juice too; a nice green juice that will also be high on taste.” 

Well, that’s breakfast or meal sorted. If you are still craving for desserts, try chia pudding. 

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