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The country’s Indie-sensation Prateek Kuhad’s upcoming multi-city tour is an exploration of the various facets of love is set to rock the stage in India againwith his multi-city tour

Indie-sensation Prateek Kuhad’s upcoming multi-city tour is an exploration of the various facets of love

The name Prateek Kuhad brings to mind the success story of a simple man on stage with his guitar, singing a tune that you just can’t forget. However, things aren’t simple this time around. The musician will be on a multi-city tour, travelling the length and breadth of the country starting October 29.

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“The India tour is the biggest I’ve ever done. Much bigger venues and much bigger productions,” says Kuhad who will be performing in 15 Indian cities as part of his ‘The Way That Lovers Do’ tour promoting his album of the same name.

There is a lot of firsts for the musician this time, “I’m doing visuals for the first time at shows. It’s a bit more immersive as a concert overall. We have a bigger band. I love harmonies on songs, so I’m doing harmonies on every single song,” says the singer-songwriter.

Kuhad is a fan of words, something he believes is important for an artist. “Sometimes I really like songs, whether it is mine or somebody else’s, because it just has this one line which is really beautiful and says a lot.” His songs are a reflection of what he felt at particular points of time. He points out a particular line from the song ‘All I need’: I wanna love you like the storm that lives inside me.

“I love that line! It’s really intimate…loving someone like the storm. It just made me feel a certain way when I wrote that line.”

Kuhad says it is all about sharing these intimate verses with the audience. “I just try to put out stuff that makes me feel something. Because we are constantly trying to temper that down about ourselves. We are trying to always hold back and not say what we want to say.”

Watch Kuhad speak about the process of creating his songs and performing them to an audience:

With ‘The Way That Lovers Do’, the musician hopes to show the vulnerable side of being in love, “When you are truly in love is when you are no holds barred. And it manifests in other aspects of your life. You are more passionate…you are free.”

‘Bloom’, one of Kuhad’s favourite songs in the album, starts with the line: I know love when I see it bloom.

Prateek Kuhad will be on a multi-city tour this November.

Prateek Kuhad will be on a multi-city tour this November.

“I have been in love many times before. Every time when I’m in love, I know it is love when I see it bloom. Bloom is a really beautiful word. When two people love each other, it really just blooms slowly,” says Kuhad.

But the musician doesn’t only talk about romantic love in the album. For instance, in the song ‘Favorite Peeps’, he delves into platonic love as well, “It is more about love towards your friends and your family. I have a whole support group of people who I love to death.”

Kuhad adds, “The feeling of knowing that you definitely have somebody to bank upon in your direst moments, gives you a lot of security and strength to get through life.”

So what does love mean to Kuhad? “It’s the unconditional acceptance of what the other person is. And you are truly just saying and doing and being who you are.”

‘The Way that Lovers Do’ India Tour starts in Mumbai on October 29th. The multi-city tour will travel to Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Delhi, Surat, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Guwahati, Kolkata, Indore, Bengaluru and Goa.

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