Here comes the Ultraviolette production-spec battery pack


Ahead of its November 24, 2022 launch, Ultraviolette Automotive has unveiled the production-spec battery pack that will power its upcoming F77 e-motorcycle. The TVS-backed brand has announced that bookings for the F77 will begin on October 23.

Unlike the removable battery packs on the initial prototype in 2019, the new battery pack is fixed, larger and packs more lithium-ion cells. Encased in an aluminium case are 21,700 lithium-ion cells as opposed to the 18,650 cells in the prototype. That translates to a usable capacity of 10.5kWh on the top variant of the Ultraviolette F77 making the F77’s battery size the largest of any electric two-wheeler in India.

Ultraviolette says the decision to switch to a fixed battery pack was taken in the interest of improving range. The Ultraviolette F77’s range is 307km as per the Indian Driving Cycle (IDC), which is significantly more than the 150km that the initial battery packs managed.

In order to incorporate the new battery, Ultraviolette had to make significant changes to the F77.

The changes include a complete redesign of the entire chassis, and comprises a spine section that joins the headstock to the load-bearing motor mount. The frame itself is two times stiffer than the previous one. The battery pack hangs below it and is non-removable.

Ultraviolette has also worked on improving other areas such as refining the step-down transmission for better durability and reduced noise levels as well as redesigning the swingarm. While the original swingarm was a milled unit, the new swingarm is made using a more cost-effective casting method.

The company also revealed the chassis in its entirety, suspended by a USD fork and a monoshock, both of which are pre-load adjustable. As for some of the features on the bike, the production-spec F77 will have three ride modes and riders can choose between different levels of regen, to suit their riding style.

Prospective customers can reserve an Ultraviolette F77 for a booking amount of ₹10,000 starting October 23.

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