Garuda Aerospace maps 7,000 villages in U.P., to deploy 300 fixed wing drones


Drone manufacturer and deployer Garuda Aerospace, having completed the mapping and digitisation of land records of over 7,000 villages of U.P. under the Centre’s Svamitva scheme, is now planning to scale up its operations by deploying more powerful fixed wing drones that can cover more areas per flight. 

The company is now planning to deploy 300 fixed wing drones in U.P. and elsewhere where it is likely to bag contract under the scheme.

“The mission of the Svamitva scheme is to digitise the land records and give accurate digital land certificates to all landowners so that there is no conspiracy involved with misuse of the land and there would be no property disputes,” said Agnishwar Jayaprakash, founder & CEO, Garuda Aerospace Private Ltd.

“Mapping under the Svamitva scheme has been successful and the goal is to deploy 300 drones for the scheme in the next couple of months and cover Indian villages and digitise India in the next 2-3 years,” he said.

“By 2025, we believe that India will be mapped and Garuda Aerospace will have the lion’s share in the Svamitva scheme,” he added.

The company, which had bagged the largest order In September 2021, had deployed 15 multi rotor drones to capture data and process it with Survey of India, the nodal agency for this scheme.

“Now we are planning to deploy fixed wing drones which can cover more area in a short span. They can cover 8-10 sq/km per day as compared to 2-4 sq. km per day in multi rotor drones which are deployed currently,” he said.

With vertical take-off and landing feature, the fixed wing drones have endurance of up to 75 minutes and can fly non-stop whereas multi rotors can fly only for 40 to 45 minutes, he added.

He said the mapping that is being done can be utilised for other purposes such as delivery of e-commerce products, food by apps and even locating roads through GPS.

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