Rynox Gravel Dualsport gloves: light and stylish


Rynox does know how to make a terrific pair of gloves and the Gravel Dualsport costs ₹ 3,150. 

The Gravel Dualsport is part-mesh, part-leather glove and is the right combination for Indian conditions. It is light and is better in terms of fit and finish. Abrasion zones also feature leather panels and the palm has a nice, contoured panel with silicon details that give you the feel of better grip on the handlebar.

While it is designed to look racy the consistent feeling you get is that of absolute comfort. The length of the glove is adequate not only for dirt jerseys, which have long-ish sleeves, but also for your average riding jacket. The simple wrist fastener is finished quite well too and seems built to last.

Of course, Rynox knows how much you love making those Instagram reels when out on your Sunday adventure, so the Gravel Dualsport gets touchscreen-friendly tips on the index finger and thumb. On the whole, the Rynox Dualsport is an absolute bang-for-the-buck glove that serves its purpose and feels like it is designed to withstand a fair amount of abuse. I like it for how light and plush it feels, and it looks smashing too.

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