The Daily Dose: July 5, 2022 


# Digital benefits: Outlining a new-age digital use example, the Prime Minister said, after the Covid-19 pandemic, the enhanced focus on telemedicine has made primary medical consultation hassle-free and low in cost for the common man. In the last eight years, ₹23-lakh crore has been transferred to beneficiaries of different schemes using digital payment modes under the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mechanism.

# Code share revival? : Ethiopian Airlines plans to revive the Code Share Agreement with the Tata Group’s Air India, according to a senior official of the African airline. The agreement had been suspended just before the onset of the Covid pandemic.

# Covid-time pay cuts: The operations of IndiGo were hit on Saturday, with 55 per cent of its flights running late, while on Sunday, a cascading effect saw 30 per cent of flights departing later than the scheduled time. IndiGo cabin crew had gone on mass leave, expressing their unhappiness over Covid-time pay cuts that continue to be in force even now, industry officials said.

# Managing CSS funds: As the previous two years were Covid-affected, States have been struggling with the fiscal space for transferring their respective shares of CSS funds to SNA just in time. The Centre introduced Single Nodal Agency (SNA) known as ‘SNA Model’ in March 2021 which constitutes a major departure from the then existing regime of funds released under Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS).

# US-China talks: Asian markets rose on Tuesday on growing speculation US President Joe Biden is about to roll back some of the Trump-era tariffs on Chinese goods as he looks for ways to rein in inflation, though sentiment remains at a premium owing to fears of a recession. Meanwhile, investors are keeping tabs on China as it sees fresh Covid outbreaks that have led to some cities being put into lockdown, says the report.

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July 05, 2022

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