‘If Human Footprint is Reduced…’: Upasana Konidela’s Exchange With Sadhguru


Ram Charan and Upasena Konidela are one of the most well-known and celebrated married couples in Tollywood. They recently completed 10 years of their wedding and celebrated their anniversary abroad. Recently, Upasana, who is also the Vice Chairperson of Apollo Hospitals, got into an interesting discussion with spiritual guru Sadhguru.

The mystic exchange between the young businesswoman and Sadhguru is currently buzzing on social media. Upasana and Sadhguru attended the 17th ATA (American Telugu Association) Convention 2022, which took place from July 1 to July 3 in Washington, DC.

Upasena posted the interaction she had with the spiritual guru on her Instagram handle. “An absolute honour to be in conversation with the Mystic. Sadhguru was amazing as usual, every topic made so much sense,” she captioned it.

In the video, we can see her asking Sadhguru about the RRR in her life, a reference to her husband’s recent movie as well as an abbreviation for Relationship, Reproduction and Role in life. Sadhguru responded by saying that it was not his place to talk about her relationships and about the reproduction part, he went on to say that it is indeed noble to not conceive a child, in spite of having the financial means as well as the health potential to do so.

“Man is worried about carbon footprint but if the human footprint is reduced, there is no need to worry about global warming too. So, it’s good to see women who chose to not reproduce,” said Sadhguru. Take a look at the video.

Upasena’s hilarious reply to Sadhguru, saying that he would soon receive a call from her mother and mother-in-law was met with an even more hilarious reply by Sadhguru who said, “I have spoken to many such mother-in laws”. This discussion makes one wonder whether Ram Charan and Upasena have indeed decided to remain issueless.

Upasena had flown to Washington a few days before the Convention to explore the city and had been posting her outdoor ventures in the city before attending the Convention.

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