PMO pushes for futuristic governance reform to envision India@2047


Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s vision for governance in India in 2047 envisages reducing “unnecessary interference” by the government in the life of the citizens and building the world’s “most modern infrastructure”.

These are contours of a concept note for the PM’s Office (PMO) accessed exclusively by BusinessLine. The concept for futuristic governance reforms to envision India@2047 is being developed by ten sectoral groups of secretaries set up by the PMO.

Advancing the PM’s idea of India when it will celebrate its hundredth anniversary in 2047, the PMO believes “it is important to redesign our systems, regulations, and policies to fully leverage the human capital and spirit of enterprise and innovation available in the country”.

These sectoral groups cover rural and agriculture, infrastructure, resources, social, welfare, finance and economy, commerce and industry, technology, governance and security and foreign affairs.

States’ participation

The Union government intends to reach out to States and Union Territories since the concept note says that their suggestions are considered extremely important for undertaking the exercise. Though the sectoral perspective is aimed to realise the country twenty-five years from now, the PMO wants the roadmap tobe prepared to enumerate a series of steps to be taken during this decade with specific timelines and milestones.

Given the enormity of the challenge, the approach should focus on developing systems, regulations and policies to fully leverage the human capital and spirit of enterprise. The centrality of the exercise has to promote ease of living, insists the concept note which can be achieved by leveraging technology, international capital and expertise across all sectors and ensure both institutions and companies as global leaders in identified sectors.

The note equally emphasises that the sectoral proceeds should hinge on spirit of “cooperative and competitive federalism” and promote inclusive growth with balanced regional development. India’s market size, the government stresses, should also be capitalised to attract more investments, technology, manufacturing and greater share in international value chains, among others.

Focus areas

The concept note also identifies issues that can be worked upon such as exploring sunrise sectors of growth, climate change, research and development, innovation and enterprises, and employment.

Realising development cannot occur without improvement in social sector outcomes, it says that secretaries should flag key indicators, including benchmark outcomes/availability of infrastructure, gender equality, and future skills and education.

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June 25, 2022

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