PM writes blog dedicated to his mother on her birthday


Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote a blog dedicated to his mother Heeraba as she entered the 100th year of her life on Saturday, highlighting her sacrifices and various aspects of her life that “shaped” his mind, personality, and self-confidence. “Maa… this isn’t a mere word but it captures a range of emotions. Today, 18th June, is the day my Mother Heeraba enters her 100th year. On this special day, I have penned a few thoughts expressing joy and gratitude,” Modi said on Twitter.

He met his mother in Gujarat and sought her blessings. “My mother is as simple as she is extraordinary. Just like all mothers,” he said in his blog post, which is available in several regional languages besides Hindi and English.

The prime minister noted there were only two instances when his mother accompanied him publicly.

Once, it was at a public function in Ahmedabad when she applied tilak on his forehead after he had returned from Srinagar where he had hoisted the national flag at the Lal Chowk after completing the Ekta Yatra, he said. The second instance was when he first took oath as Gujarat’s chief minister in 2001.

Lessons for life

Modi said a life lesson his mother taught him was that it was possible to be learned without being formally educated. He said once he wanted to publicly honour all his teachers, including his biggest teacher – his mother. However, his mother declined, saying she was an ordinary person. “I may have given birth to you but you have been taught and brought up by the Almighty,” Modi recalled her as saying.

Modi said though his mother did not attend the event, she made sure that he invited someone from the family of Jethabhai Joshi, his local teacher who taught him the alphabet. “Her thought process and far-sighted thinking have always surprised me,” he said.

Describing his mother as “a symbol of resilience”, Modi recalled the hardships she faced during her childhood after losing her mother at a very young age. She does not even remember her mother’s face or the comfort of her lap as she spent her entire childhood without her, he added.

The prime minister recalled that his family stayed in a small mud house in Vadnagar with clay tiles for a roof. He also mentioned the innumerable everyday adversities that his mother encountered and successfully overcame. “During the rains, our roof would leak and the house would flood. Mother would place buckets and utensils below the leaks to collect the rainwater. Even in this adverse situation, mother would be a symbol of resilience,” he said.

He said his mother not only did all the household chores by herself but also worked to supplement the meagre household income. She used to wash utensils at a few houses and take out the time to spin the ‘charkha’ to help meet the household expenses, he added.

Modi said his mother also had deep respect for those engaged in cleaning and sanitation work. Cleanliness was something that his mother was always extremely particular about, he said. Whenever someone would come to clean the drain adjacent to their house in Vadnagar, he said, his mother wouldn’t let them go without having tea.

Modi said his mother found happiness in other people’s joys and was extremely large-hearted.

He recalled that his father brought home his close friend’s son, Abbas, after his untimely death. “He stayed with us and completed his studies. Mother was as affectionate and caring towards Abbas just like she did for all of us siblings. Every year on Eid, she used to prepare his favourite dishes. On festivals, it was commonplace for neighbourhood kids to come to our house and enjoy mother’s special preparations (sic),” he said.

“In my mother’s life story, I see the penance, sacrifice, and contribution of India’s matrushakti. Whenever I look at mother and crores of women like her, I find there is nothing that is unachievable for Indian women,” Modi said.

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June 18, 2022

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