Interesting Facts About Eyebrows and Why They Matter


One of the most expressive features of the human face, the eyebrows have two main purposes – keeping moisture out of our eyes and to communicate. From waxing to plucking and threading to filling them in, the time spent on maintaining our eyebrows explains a lot about its importance. It might be interesting to know that one of the most intriguing highlights of the famous Mona Lisa painting is her fainted eyebrows. Apart from enhancing a person’s facial features, eyebrows have an end number of tasks to perform. So without further ado let’s dive deep into some of the interesting facts related to eyebrows.

Protect eyes

Eyebrows are not just for escalating the style quotient, but also for protecting our eyes from certain environmental factors. Apart from protecting our eyes and keeping the moisture away, our brows wick away sweat and dirt so they don’t cloud our vision.

Showcase emotions

Eyebrows can reflect emotions even when we don’t want them to be expressed. Considered one of the body languages, eyebrows express our emotions nonverbally.

Eyebrows also turn grey

Rarely might we have been told that just like our hair, eyebrows can also start to turn grey as we age. However, eyebrows take time to turn grey in comparison to our hair. If you are facing this, then you must increase your Vitamin E intake.

A distinctive look

Eyebrows perform a pivotal role in defining a person’s appearance. Studies have reflected that it is hard for people to identify another person when they are shown without eyebrows. Every aspect of eyebrows, i.e. shape, thickness, and colour can greatly influence how we appear to others.

History behind eyebrow enhancement

The trend of eyebrow enhancement dates back to ancient Egypt when people used carbon and black oxide for darkening, arching, and elongating their eyebrows. In ancient Greece and Rome, the unibrow was considered the most beautiful trait.

On average, a person has 250 hair strands on their eyebrows. These hair has varying lengths, thicknesses, and directions.

Eyebrows regularly fall

Similar to hair, a person can lose an average of 10 eyebrow hair strands every day. And it is fairly common. The reason behind them can be anything ranging from hormonal changes, skin conditions, and nutritional deficiencies.

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