Mukesh Khanna Says The Country Will Not Accept If Someone Else Becomes Shaktimaan In The Movie


Mukesh Khanna’s Shaktimaan Will Be Soon Turned Into a Movie

Shaktimaan was an iconic television show which ran from 1997 to the mid-2000s. It featured Mukesh Khanna as a superhero.

90s kids grew up watching Shaktimaan and it was undoubtedly one of their favourite TV shows. When the Shaktimaan movie was announced earlier this year, netizens were left wondering if Mukesh Khanna will return to the screen as their favourite desi superhero. While everyone is eager to know about the same, the actor talked about the same in a recent interview and mentioned that ‘who will be Shaktimaan’ is a big question. He went on to say that the audience will not accept if somebody else plays the role of Shaktimaan in the movie.

“This movie is being made by the makers of Spider-Man. But, Shaktimaan will be desi. I have prepared the story of the film in my own way. My only condition to them was that they wouldn’t change the story. People ask who will become Shaktimaan? This is also a very big question in itself, which I will not answer, but it is also certain that without Mukesh Khanna, there will be no Shaktimaan. Because if someone else becomes Shaktimaan, then the whole country will not accept him,” Mukesh Khanna told Amar Ujala.

During the interaction, Mukesh Khanna also revealed that Rs 300 crore is being spent on Shaktimaan movie. “This project has come to me after many years. People used to tell me to make Shaktimaan 2. I didn’t want to bring Shaktimaan back on TV. After internal talks, I joined hands with the Sony people and later made the news public. People want to know what’s happening next? Now what should I tell them? This is a big film of at least Rs 300 crore. Can’t tell much about it till everything is finalised,” he shared.

For the unversed, Shaktimaan was an iconic television show which ran from 1997 to mid-2000s. It featured Mukesh Khanna as a superhero and his alter ego Pandit Gangadhar Vidhyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri. The show also starred Kitu Gidwani and Surendra Pal among others.

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