The Daily Dose: June 15, 2022 


# Gap widens: The disproportionate impact of Covid-19 has only widened opportunity gap for women and girls in the past two years. As a result, LinkedIn and UN Women join hands to create employment opportunities for women.

# Opportunistic takeovers: As companies across the globe battled the uncertainty that the pandemic brought on in 2020, several economies began to raise concerns about opportunistic takeovers of entities stressed by pandemic in their country.

# Indian economy impacted: The Indian economy is facing some unprecedented challenges. A protracted war in Europe has introduced new strains even before the impact of Covid-19 has fully waned. Together, these two significantly weaken the backbone of the world economy, impacting both the advanced and emerging markets. Contemporaneously, the Indian economy is also impacted.

# Migrants vital: During the Covid pandemic, the State government paid migrant workers in Tamil Nadu to go back to their respective States. Migrant workers are vital to Tamil Nadu’s economic development. In a number of ways, the State government has been open to them, said Industries Secretary S Krishnan.

# Media & Covid: Media played a major role in the fight against Covid, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

# Increasing cases, decreasing tests: Daily cases in India have begun to rise and are inching towards the 7,000 mark. Testing is, however, down in many States, even as test positivity rate surges.

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June 15, 2022

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