Sruthi VJ talks about ‘Jee Bharke’ and her musical journey


Singer-songwriter Sruthi Vijayachandran, professionally known as Sruthi VJ released her debut single Jee Bharke on May 21, 2022, on all audio platforms. An indie-pop song about finding purpose, it was originally written and composed by Sruthi as a melody with Indian and Western pop styles and lyrics in both Hindi and English.

Talking over the phone from San Francisco where she currently stays, Sruthi says the song is about finding purpose, prioritising happiness, and embracing what one loves doing, rather than escaping it. “Many of us are naturally inclined to believe that true happiness is elusive, and that living a fulfilling life — while idealistic — isn’t possible for everyone.

“Sometimes, taking a moment to pause and find joy in simple things could alter the course of one’s life,” she says.

The song was born out of Sruthi’s personal experiences eventually leading her back to music. After a career in communications, she has now taken to singing full time. She is living the dream she saw for herself, she says.

Singing since she was a child, her foundation in Carnatic music helped her interpret other forms of music and draw parallels between them. Originally from Conoor, Sruthi still continues her Carnatic music training under her guru Madhuvanthi Vighnaraja. 

She developed her range in Western music through performances in choirs, a capella productions and church concerts. “I combined Western and Indian music to create Jee Bharke. This song puts India on the global map, and celebrates the diversity of our country,” she says.

Richard Andrew, the producer of the song says Sruthi is a delight to work with. A music mentor at Moksha Academy of Arts in Bengaluru, Richard is an entrepreneur who enjoys music as a hobby. “The song and video send out a strong message to live life to the fullest and follow your dreams.”

Sruthi’s Carnatic music roots combined with her exposure to Western music have resulted in an eclectic style that traverses diverse genres like pop, jazz, and R&B. “I want my songs to be pan-genre,” she says.

Pandemic, challenges of independent artists, and more

For Sruthi, the pandemic kickstarted her musical dream. Staying at home with time to reflect and aided by the internet helped her creative process take off, she believes.

“Internet helps independent artists generate content in non-traditional ways, stay relevant, and embrace technology,” Sruthi says.

Sruthi VJ
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However, challenges do persist, Richard adds. “Bollywood is one of the biggest challenges independent artists face, and there is very less visibility for us. And of course, there is the issue of support and funding as well.”

The video song was released on May 25, 2022, with an exclusive premiere by The Rolling Stones.

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