BMW releases iteration of TVS Apache RR310


BMW’s version could essentially be the RR310 in Motorrad colours and might be called the G310 RR

BMW Motorrad India has released the teaser of a new bike that will be launched on July 15, hinting that it could be their iteration of the TVS Apache RR310. The dual shark-fin LED tail-light of the BMW motorcycle looks identical to the unit on the RR310. In fact, the visor, clip-on handlebar, mirrors and the pillion grab rail look similar as well.

It is possible that BMW’s version could essentially be the RR310 in Motorrad colours and might be called the G310 RR. This means it could share the same stylish bodywork as the Apache, as well as the Bi-LED projector headlights and LED indicators.

As for the riding position, BMW again has the option of fitting the aggressive clip-ons and foot pegs from the Apache BTO kit, instead of the relatively relaxed units from the standard RR310.

Underneath the bodywork, expect the trellis frame and subframe to be the same as well. As for the suspension, there are two possibilities — BMW could either fit the USD fork and monoshock from the standard Apache RR310 or it could fit the fully-adjustable USD fork and the preload, as well as the rebound adjustable monoshock from the RR310 BTO or Built to Order catalogue. It is also possible that BMW may offer the adjustable suspension for extra money as TVS does for the Apache. Expect the braking hardware to be identical to the RR310.

In the Apache RR310, the ride modes alter peak power and throttle response, as well as change the display layout. The 312.2cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine is expected to be in the same state of tune. To reiterate, it produces 34hp at 9,700rpm and 27.3Nm at 7,700rpm.

What BMW Motorrad comes up with will only be discovered when the bike is launched on July 15. What remains crucial is the pricing. For reference, the BMW G 310 R and the Apache RR310 are both priced at ₹ 2.65 lakh.

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