It’s Summer and This Super Nourishing Aloo Bukhara Sharbat is What Your Body Needs


Summer is here, and it always brings more than one problem. The scorching heat leads to dehydration and we are often advised to take as much liquid as possible. Let’s help you add another drink to your list. A super nourishing Aloo Bukhara Sharbat, bursting with flavours of delicious plums, is what you need the most. The best part about Aloo Bukhara Sharbat is that it’s easy to make. There are some very simple steps that you need to follow to prepare Aloo Bukhara Sharbat.


Plum (Aloo Bukhara)- 500 grams
Black salt- 1 teaspoon
Sugar- 8 tablespoons
Water- 500 ml
Ice Cubes- as required


While choosing plums, make sure they are not very tight. Extremely tight plums turn out to be sour.

Choose slightly dark coloured plums, for they are sweeter and juicy. Start cutting the plums and put them in a blender.

After cutting and adding plums, add black salt. Black salt benefits digestion.

Add sugar. Its quantity can be regulated depending on the taste.

After adding all the essential ingredients, blend them into a finer puree.

Add water to this puree.

Add some ice cubes also to this puree.

Again blend these ingredients. After blending, strain this juice with the help of a sieve in a bowl.

Serve this sharbat in two glasses filled with ice cubes. Apart from being tasty, this beverage is also very healthy.

Benefits of Aloo Bukhara Sharbat

Relief from Constipation:

Aloo Bukhara Sharbat cures constipation, for plums contain ample fibre.


Plums contain a lot of antioxidants, and they benefit bones. They also reduce the risk of diabetes and heart problems.

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