Abhishek Malik: Unlike TV, OTT Has Taken a Step Forward, People Are More Interested In Realistic Stories


Television actor Abhishek Malik has worked in several shows including Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, Pinjara Khubsurti Ka, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, and Chhal — Sheh Aur Maat, among others. The actor will be next seen in Colors TV’s Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho. As Abhishek gears up for his next show, the actor talked to News18 about how OTT has taken a step forward and answered why television does not offer challenging roles to male actors.

On being asked if television will gradually ‘die’ due to the sudden rise of OTT content, the actor refused. However, he admitted that people are more interested in the realistic stories which are streamed on OTT platforms. “I won’t say it’s dying but yes definitely it (OTT) has taken a step forward and people are more interested in watching these realistic stories, apart from the Saas-bahu dramas. Being an actor, I would not criticise the things which I am doing. Plus, this (Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho) is also a bold concept, it is not a typical saas-bahu drama,” Abhishek said.

He agreed that television does not offer challenging roles to male actors and added that it is primarily because TV shows are more women-centric. The actor further mentioned that he would love to do OTT shows if given a chance. “They don’t. You are absolutely right. They don’t. Given a chance, I would definitely love to do something on OTT because that gives you freedom. The concept and the way they shoot is very realistic, it is very different from what we shoot for television. I think television is more women-centric. Housewives relate to it. But yes, if they are keeping women as the main person, I do not have a problem,” Abhishek said.

During the interaction, the Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho actor was also asked about the recent Swaran Ghar viral scene. Even though the actor shared that he hasn’t watched the viral video, he added that such sequences only help the makers in gaining TRP. Abhishek also explained that there is a portion of the audience which enjoys watching such drama. On being asked if such scenes are a reason why television content is looked down upon, Abhishek said, “I won’t say that. That laptop-washing scene got the highest TRP. Why? What is the reason? There are a few people who will like crime or drama on OTT. There are others who, probably would laugh over such scenes (like that of Swaran Ghar) but there are people who are watching it and that’s why it’s giving them TRP also. That’s why they are making it. Yes, it’s funny. They must be laughing while shooting it too. But if it’s in the script, they’ll do it.”

“It’s all about the TRP. If people are not liking the show, it will go off-air. (Laughs) Agar TRP aa rahi hai toh main bhi laptop dho lunga (I will wash the laptop too if it is helping in TRP),” the actor added.

Abhishek also talked about his upcoming show Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho and shared that the motive behind it is to establish that women and men are no different. Even though the actor did not reveal much details about his character or the show, he said, “It’s basically about a woman who is pregnant and is asking a question to the society, ‘How important it is to give a child his/her father’s name?’ We have seen ladies going through a lot of issues like these, especially in rural areas. The ladies usually don’t come forward and retaliate against whatever is happening to them. They have been brought up like this saying ‘Tumse nahi hoga’ or ‘Akelekaise karoge’. This has to be changed. We have been saying that a man and a woman are equal but it’s time to implement it. That’s what we are doing in the show.”

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