Kichcha Sudeep on His ‘Hindi Not National Language’ Statement: Didn’t Mean to Start Riot


A couple of weeks ago, actor Kichcha Sudeep made headlines for saying Hindi is not the national language and getting in a debate with Bollywood star Ajay Devgn on the same. Now, the actor clarifies that he had no intention to spark a debate or riot. Speaking to NDTV, the Vikrant Rona actor said, “I didn’t mean to start any riot or any kind of debate. It just so happened without an agenda. It was an opinion I voiced. It was an honour and a privilege to see the certain lines come out of the Prime Minister’s mouth.”

For the uninitiated, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a recent address said that BJP considers all Indian languages worthy of reverence. Sudeep was referring to the same in his statement.

“When he himself makes a statement. Everybody who looks upon their language with regard and respect, it’s an overwhelming thing to see him speak this way,” the actor expressed.

“I am not just representing only Kannada, I’m talking about everybody’s mother tongue has been respected today with those few statements from the Prime Minister and that is where I was coming from that day. We don’t look at Narendra Modi as just a politician, we look at him as a leader as well,” he further added.

Sudeep also added that he comes from a film fraternity and they don’t feel nice only when South films are called pan-India. “It’s got nothing to do with Hindi per see. It is our country and we are trying to reach out to everybody as cinemas have opened to all languages and every viewer and every state wants to see a film as long as it is good,” he said.

He continued that it had nothing to do with ego or any kind of emotions, it is just the fact that as long as films are dubbed in other languages, they should be called pan-India. Besides being a successful name in the Kannada film industry, he has also done a coupe of Hindi films.

On the work front, he is currently waiting for the release of his next, Vikrant Rona, which also stars Jacqueline Fernandez. It will hit theatres on July 28 in multiple languages including Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil.

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