Post Covid Illnesses Which can Turn Fatal and How to Avoid Them


People who have survived the pandemic after getting infected with a virus know that the problems don’t end after the recovery. There are countless instances of post-Covid complications getting the better of the recovered patients. Heart diseases, kidney illnesses and brain strokes are some of the complications one can acquire after contracting the virus.

While a study published in Nature Journal says that people who recovered from Covid are at higher risk of dying within six months, another study by Washington University states even mild cases of Covid-19 can result in deaths within the same period.

Post Covid illnesses

It’s clear that people who go through long-Covid are more prone to getting ailments such as kidney and heart diseases, blood clots and brain strokes.

“Long term covid-19 complications can lead to significant morbidity and mortality. Many studies done in the US during 2020-21 have found that complications affecting vascular system, cardio-respiratory system and neurological system can even lead to mortality,” said Dr Charu Dutt Arora Consultant Physician and Infectious Disease Specialist, Head, Ameri Health, Asian Hospital, Faridabad, as reported by Hindustan Times.

Further shedding light on how Covid-19, a respiratory illness, can affect other parts of the body, the doctor said, “Scientists from Washington University in St Louis have determined that development of blood clots and increased vascular inflammation can lead to sudden cardiac arrest, venous thrombosis and stroke.”

Liver damage, respiratory failure and heart stroke are some of the illnesses which can become a reason for the death of Covid survivors.


Monitoring your diet and health parameters are vital to ensuring you don’t fall for any post Covid illnesses which can eventually claim your life.

“A balanced diet, with enough fibre and fluid is a must for all post covid patients. Deep breathing exercises, following infection control measures and getting checked by physiotherapist is imperative to avoid sudden respiratory complications,” Dr Charu said.

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