Next Apple Watch Could Feature Body Temperate Measurement If It Gets The Tech Right


Apple Watch Series 8 could finally bring the body temperature measurement feature this year, if the company manages to crack the right algorithm. Apple has always preferred to get the feature right than show off a half-baked technology.

And according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple decided to drop the feature from Apple Watch Series 7 because it was not accurate. “The algorithm failed to qualify before entering the EVT stage last year. The challenge in implementing precise body temperature measurement is that skin temperature quickly varies depending on outside environments,” Kuo mentioned.

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He also points out that body temperature measurement needs both the hardware and software to click, and Apple has been finding it hard to make that happen. And he goes on to suggest that the Apple Watch Series 8 could be the first to get the feature, if Apple has worked out the accuracy issues.

Apple is said to be focusing on the fitness side with the Apple Watch Series 8 this year, which indicates the body temperature feature should be at the top of its agenda. But thankfully for Apple, other brands are facing similar issues with the technology, and finding it hard to make it work. Samsung is the other giant that has looked to integrate this feature, and failed as per latest reports.

So, Apple still has time on its side to make the feature work, and offer it before anyone in the industry. Will it happen this year with the Apple Watch Series 8? We’ll know more about that in the coming months.

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This isn’t the first time when Apple has taken its time to introduce a feature or a product. Remember the Apple wireless charging pad that was supposed to charge three devices at the same time?

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That product had severe issues and since then we’ve heard very little about its prospects from the company.

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