NDMA Shares Do’s and Don’ts to Protect Your Infants Against Heatwave


The rising temperature has taken a severe toll on everyone’s health. In search of respite, while half the population has flocked to the hill stations, the other half are spending their days adjusting the temperature of their air conditioning. Amidst all this infants and toddlers need special care to stay protected from the deadly heatwave. While heatwave has continuously made it to the headlines, rarely has anyone highlighted the host of health problems that it brings along.

Staying hydrated and drinking water continuously is a key to the health problems caused during summers, but obviously, infants cannot keep a track of it themselves and demand extra attention. They are very vulnerable to the heatwave and therefore it is wise to keep them inside, until and unless it is not necessary. Such a harsh situation makes it mandatory to strictly follow some rules, in terms of do’s and don’ts. Realising the importance to spread awareness about the issue, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), tweeted a few safety points that must be incorporated into the daily routine of kids, especially infants.

While posting the picture that included safety points, NDMA wrote in the tweet, “Prepare your infants from the heatwave. Avoid heatwave by following these Do’s & Don’ts”.

NDMA urged the public that if you are travelling somewhere, then do not leave your child in a parked car under the sun, unsupervised. This is because the vehicles can heat up drastically to dangerous temperatures.

It is crucial to give your infant plenty of fluids to drink so that they stay hydrated all the time.

It is your responsibility that you must be aware of every illness so that you can identify heat-related illnesses in your kids.

If anyone is wondering about how to know if your child is dehydrated or not? NDMA asked to keep an eye on your child’s urine because dehydration can result in your kid passing concentrated or dark-coloured urine.

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