Keep Your Skin Safe – Trending Hacks to Never Try At Home


Social media has become a go-to tool for a lot of our problems these days. Be it travel ideas or beauty tips, we turn to various social media platforms to find an answer to our queries. To look beautiful and charming, the trending tutorials and DIYs on Instagram or Facebook often become our beauty tutors. While multiple hacks work, many can land you in trouble. Let’s take a look at some of the trending beauty hacks which you must not try to save your skin from serious damage.

Blackhead removal using petroleum jelly

There is a popular hack that uses regular petroleum jelly and hot towels to remove blackheads. While the hack is effective in pulling out the blackheads and giving you clean skin, it can leave you with wide-open pores. Leaving your pores open might damage your skin in the long run as it gets exposed to dirt and pollution.

Bleach using lemon

Lemon is a great way to remove tan and get the glow. However, one should never use lemon juice directly on the skin. It can cause itching and burning sensations. Do not use lemon juice to bleach your arms, underarms, or lips.

Baking Soda for glow

If you use baking soda on your skin to brighten it, then please stop it right away. Baking soda disturbs the natural pH level of the skin and takes away the natural moisture which can make it look dry and stretchy.

Wax on face

Threading can be a painful and slow process. Therefore, to save time and remove excess hair, people usually go for waxing the face. If you too want to get a wax done on the face, then never try it yourself. Always seek the help of a professional. Professionals are experts in determining the temperature of the wax, skin type, and technique. However, if you’ll do it by yourself at home, you might end up burning yourself.

While DIY hacks are mostly a win, it is extremely important to verify the claims before trying them out on yourself. Be careful & keep your skin happy!

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