90s Viral Dancing Baby gets 3D Makeover, to be Released as NFT


A graphic of a dancing baby is one of the oldest videos to go viral back in the late 20th century. Now, the classic meme has received an NFT makeover.

The history of the viral baby dates back to 1996 when it was circulated in email chains and later even appeared in news networks in the US. Considering this, if the baby was real, it would be 26 years old today, reported CNN.

So, to celebrate the baby’s transition into adulthood, the original creators gave it a 3D-rendered overhaul. The creators Michael Girard, John Chadwick, and Robert Lurye collaborated with HFA-studio, a Vienna-based creative group to come up with the new creation.

Now, the HFA studio will be releasing the NFT version of the old internet phenomena. “More than 25 years after Dancing Bay first went viral we will release a digitally restored, smooth high definition 1/1 artwork by the Original Creators as NFT, so the Dancing Baby can shake its hips forever,” the studio said in a press release.

According to HFA-Studio, they will release a Dancing Baby Collection which will feature seven iterations of the viral GIF. All of these versions will be designed by different artists and are described as remixes of the original GIF.

Girard, who created the original code for the Dancing Baby from 3DS Max software’s Character Studio, credits the 1997 show Ally McBeal with its popularity. The show featured the dancing baby in one of the episodes.

In a joint email by Girard, Lurye, and Chadwick, they explained that the Dancing Baby was one of the animation samples that came with the 3DS Max Character software 1.0 release. It helped the customers to understand the character rigging/animation tools of the software.

Later, Girard said that the Dancing Baby started circulating in emails. Girard highlighted that it was likely sent by Ron Lussier, one of Autodesk’s customers, who modified the source file and attached a low-res version.

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