Ganga Saptami 2022: Know shubh muhurat, importance of occasion and puja vidhi


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On Ganga Saptami, take a bath in river Ganges

Ganga Saptami is very significant in Hindu culture. Every year Ganga Saptami is celebrated on Saptami Tithi in Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month. This year Ganga Saptami will be celebrated on May 8, 2022. The day is Sunday. According to the scriptures, Goddess Ganga was born on this day, hence it is also known as Ganga Jayanti. On this day, there is a law to specially worship Goddess Ganga at midday. Donations and charitable deeds on the day of Ganga Saptami also have importance.

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According to religious beliefs, by taking a bath in the river Ganges on this day, a person gets solutions to all the problems going on in life and he/she gets glory in life. At the same time, their health also gets better. But if it is not possible for you to take a bath in the Ganges, then you can also get the benefit of bathing in the Ganges by adding a few drops of Ganga water to your bathing water. This essentially invokes the Goddess and will give you auspicious results. Along with worshiping Goddess Ganga, there is special importance of doing charity on this day. Due to this, a person gets all kinds of pleasures in life.

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Here is the auspicious time, importance and method of worship on the occasion Ganga Saptami.

Ganga Saptami date- May 8, Sunday

Saptami date starts from 02:56 pm
Saptami date ends – May 8 on Sunday till 05:00 pm
The rising date of Saptami of Vaishakh Shukla Paksha is on May 8. In such a situation, Ganga Saptami will be celebrated on May 8.

Significance of Ganga Saptami

It is believed that there is a special significance of doing charity on the day of Ganga Saptami. Taking a bath in the river Ganges on this day helps a person get rid of all the problems going on in life. If it is not possible for you to take a bath in the river Ganges, then you can add a few drops of Ganga water to your bathing water. It is also believed that even by sprinkling the holy water of Mother Ganga on this day, all sins end.

Ganga Saptami Puja Method

On the day of Ganga Saptami, first of all, one should wake up in the Brahma Muhurta and take a bath in the Ganges. If it is not possible to take a bath in the Ganges river, then take a bath by adding a little Ganges water to the bathing water at home. After this, offer flowers, vermilion, akshat, gulal, red flowers, red sandalwood to the idol of Mother Ganga or the river. Along with this, offer jaggery or any sweets. In the last recite Shri Ganga Sahasranama Stotra by lighting incense-lamp. Along with this, chant the mantra of Ganga ji. The mantra is ‘Om Namo Bhagwati Hili Hilli Milli Milli Gange Maa Pavya Pavya Swaha’.

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