The Daily Dose: May 6,2022 


# Global and India toll from Covid, way higher than reported: The World Health Organization has estimated the global death toll associated with Covid at 14.9 million, more than double the reported number, between January 2020 and December 2021. And India, with an estimated 4.7 million deaths in this period, featured among the top 20 countries accounting for 80 per cent of the excess mortality, said the WHO report.

# Why the numbers are important?: A BLContext podcast that was done ahead of the WHO report as early indications on India’s mortality data ruffled feathers locally.

# “Science does not lie”: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday attacked the government over a WHO report which claimed that there were 4.7 million Covid deaths in India, saying “science does not lie, Prime Minister Narendra Modi does”. Gandhi also demanded that the government should support the families that have lost loved ones by giving them the mandated ₹4 lakh compensation.

# Searching for Covid-linked services: The search for vaccination centres, ambulances, oxygen and other Covid-related key items has gone up across Indian cities, as infections witness an uptick. This also comes a year since the country saw the devastating second wave.

# Daily tally: India reported 3,545 new Covid-19 cases and 27 deaths in the last 24 hours.

# FDA on J&J: US regulators have strictly limited who can receive Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine due to the ongoing risk of rare but serious blood clots. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said the shot should only be given to adults who cannot receive a different vaccine or specifically request J&J’s vaccine.

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May 06, 2022

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