Avocado to Lentils, Healthy Weight Gain Foods For Kids


While growing up and maturing, gaining the appropriate amount of weight can be a real hurdle for some kids. Children do not eat everything that is put on their plates. But with the right weight management programmes and the addition of energy-dense healthy foods to the daily diet, weight gain is achievable.

Here we have a list of food items, which are beneficial for overall growth and help in weight gain

Banana rich in vitamins and minerals as well as many nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and good fats, and antioxidants is considered one of the best options for healthy weight gain.

Avocado is a fruit loaded with vitamins C, E, and K. It is also a good source of minerals and dietary fibres like folate and copper. Avocados can be consumed as a dip, in a sandwich or salad, or simply as a milkshake.

An egg consists of almost all the essential vitamins and minerals. Apart from proteins and carbohydrates, saturated fats are also present in sufficient quantities. Therefore, for the physical development of your child and to gain weight, nothing can be better than eggs.

Desi Ghee contains a good amount of vitamins E and K along with minerals like calcium and phosphorus and potassium. Therefore, desi ghee is very helpful in gaining a healthy weight.

Lentils: Children must be fed a bowl of pulses daily. Lentils are the best source of protein, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and fibre.

(Disclaimer: The health tips shared in this article are based on common practices and general knowledge. Readers are advised to consult a doctor before following them at home.)

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