Five Signs You are Unknowingly Ruining your Relationship


Relationships are easy to start but hard to maintain. One needs to do a lot of things and put effort to keep it intact and make it last. However, in the process of dreaming of that wonderful ‘forever,’ we end up ruining our relationship unknowingly. Small things and habits get piled up and later, break the relationship into pieces that can’t be fixed.

In order to analyse what’s going wrong with your relationship, you have to introspect and look at situations from a new angle. In case, you are clueless about what is going wrong in your relationship, look out for these signs and exclude them from your habits:

  1. Giving too much
    If you are too involved in a relationship, then it can also lead to a wrong turn. You might be the giver in a relationship who always plans things, takes a step ahead, make every effort to make it work smoothly, asks the other person out and so on. However, it might make you lose your value and also, make the other person feel suffocated. They might even take you for granted.
  2. Good physical relationship doesn’t mean a good relationship
    In a world where lust is taken equal to love, you might think having great sex means building a good relationship, but that is not true. Physical intimacy does not always account for an emotional one. If you believe sex is love, then it is time to rethink.
  3. Not addressing conflicts
    Not every person is the same. You might be someone who likes to stay away from fights to save the relationship but another person needs to take out the aggression to feel good. If there are differences between you two, instead of pretending everything is okay, address them.
  4. Overstepping boundaries
    In every relationship, there are some unsaid boundaries. Even, if you both share everything, it is always good to respect the other person’s privacy. Do not force a person to share everything, it’ll make them feel trapped.
  5. Playing the victim card
    When you two get into an argument, or something wrong happens, you tend to get emotional and manipulate your partner. To look good in the eyes of your partner, you try to act innocent and play the victim card. This unintentionally ruins the relationship in a long run.

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