5 Scary Rivers you Should not Cross Even in Your Wildest Dreams


Rivers are a fascinating place to spend your evenings. The water, view and the peace they offer are incomparable. Many people love doing adventure sports and experience the adrenaline rush at various rivers of the world. While some rivers are safe to step into and enjoy the day, others are so dangerous that they can even prove fatal for you. Let’s take a look at some of the world’s scariest rivers which are not good to even roam nearby.

Red River of the South, United States

Over 2100 km long river which passes through New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma, is said to be one of the most dangerous rivers in the United States. The river has strong undercurrents that are unpredictable and can even cause sudden whirlpools. While it may seem peaceful at one moment, it can change anytime with the current passing it. So, it’s better to not go near the Red River.

Shanay-Timpishka, Peru

The river which is commonly known as the Boiling river was a well-kept secret of Amazonian jungles for years. The river water has geothermal energy and a temperature of above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This deadly river can give third-degree burns to humans if water even touches the skin.

Mekong River

The river passing through six Asian countries is home to deadly animals like Siamese crocodiles. While the water body is said to be a source of income for a number of people, it takes a lot of lives every year. The unpredictable floods destroy the property and lives of the people living in the nearby regions. If someone tries to cross the river, then they also might come into the trap of the dangerous crocodiles.

Rio Tinto, Spain

While its deep red colour fascinates you and makes it look unique, the river is said to be one of the most polluted ones in the world. For years, the region near the river has witnessed an unusual concentration of heavy metals like copper, silver and gold which has turned the river water red. The chemical level of the river is so high that it can become fatal to human life if consumed without treatment.

Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

If a river with few crocodiles can be fatal, imagine one with more than 2,000 of them. Yes, you read that right, Tarcoles River situated in Costa Rica is home to more than 2,000 crocodiles which makes it impossible to even give a quick visit to the place. There is no way one would ever want to visit this place, even in their wildest of dreams.

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