5 Things You Must Do To Look Good On Zoom, Google Meet And Microsoft Teams Video Calls


With the COVID-19 pandemic making work-from-home and remote schooling a common thing, people hardly have the option of getting up in the morning and getting ready for work or school. With most of our professional and educational work going online, people feel the need to get ready for their days, even with online office and school. This means that the effort that went into getting ready for the day is now going into getting ready for online meetings on video conferencing software’s like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and the likes. With that in mind, we will share some tips on how to look better while attending meetings and classes online. Let’s take a look.

1. Lighting – On video calls, lighting matters a lot. While attending virtual meetings, it is important to make sure that you are clearly visible to all the attendees, regardless of the camera quality on the webcam or front cameras on our phones and tablets. On that note, it is advisable to have as much light on your face as possible. For this, we need to have the light in front of us, and make sure that the spot we are sitting in does not have light over our head or behind us. LED ring lights are one of the most common accessories here, as these are very portable and can be used with tripod-like stands. LED ring lights are also affordable and you can get a good one within Rs 1,500 easily. If you wear glasses, it is advisable to keep the brightness of your computer at the lowest, in order to avoid reflections of the screen showing on your glasses.

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2. Camera Placement – While hosting or attending video calls, the best placement of the webcam is in-line with the eye level. Most of the tables and desks are placed below the eye level. Here, users can place books under their laptops or use tripods if they are attending via their smartphones or tablets. Users can also adjust the height of their chairs if it allows, in order to align themselves better in front of the camera.

3. Camera Quality – It is unreal to expect everyone to have high quality cameras set up for meetings and video calls. But it is important that your camera works seamlessly during the video call. For this, users need to test the camera and camera controls on their apps once before they log in to the meeting.

4. Audio – Audio quality is more important than camera quality as many people attend meetings with their cameras off. Users are advised to use headphones with an external mic in order to seamlessly get their voice through to the other end.

5. Grooming – One of the most important thing in offline and in-person meetings also applies to virtual meetings. Make sure that you are well-groomed and have combed hair while attending meetings online. It is something that can be avoided if you are attending a meeting with your camera off. But if the camera is on, it is better to look as presentable as we can, same as going for an in-person meeting.

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