‘God of War PC’ game review: Kratos would be proud of this perfect port of a classic


Need another reason to hate graphic card scalpers and crypto miners? ‘God of War PC ‘ will give you one, with a PC port that looks incredible.

When God of War came out in 2018, the much-loved game ushered Kratos and company into the age of the Norse gods, and it was unanimously one of the most gorgeous games. The PlayStation 4 Pro did sound like a jet engine but, by the gods, it looked better than many of today’s next-generation titles.

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A PlayStation exclusive by Santa Monica Studios, the game was long out of reach for those who did not own a Sony console. Now, for those who missed out on the otherworldly fun, God of War is out on Steam for PC and it is the definitive edition – a must-play for those who felt plenty of understandable FOMO (fear of missing out), as well as renewed revisit for those enjoyed the console version.

‘God of War PC’

  • Developer: Jetpack Interactive ; Santa Monica Studios
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Prices: ₹3,299 on Steam and Epic Games Store

Kratos’ emotionally-turbulent tale is worth the replay. A behemoth Spartan soldier, he wreaked havoc on the entire pantheon of Greek gods, taking on various powers and ascending to godhood himself. The game opens with Kratos and his son Atreus planning a funeral for his deceased wife in an incredibly poignant cutscene. With a promise to spread her ashes on the highest peak, they venture into the world after Kratos teaches Atreus to hunt in a tutorial of sorts. Kratos comes across one of the best cinematic fights in gaming history, seeing him hurl his magical frosty axe unto the Norse gods.

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God of War is a lengthy game, with an excellent story that is extremely well-paced. Look forward to sequences that will get your pulse racing and slowing down, and a slow build-up to some incredible reveals, such as plot twists, eye-catching monsters and stunning worlds. With the memorable Hydra scene from the first game in the series in mind, God of War is filled with all manner of quick-time events.

Along the way, you meet the Norse gods – both friend and foe, each with their own machinations – as well as some colourful characters. We want to give a big shout-out to the disembodied head of the great sage Mimir, who acts as a guide on your travels. The game sports some massive levels, teeming with enemies. Kratos and Atreus must traverse all the Norse plains of Midgard, Alfheim and more. The set pieces are incredible, from an awe-inspiring lake inhabited by a giant world serpent Jörmungandr, to the mountainous areas filled with giant beasts such as the valkyrie Sigrún and the stone troll Death Eater.

By and large, God of War is a cinematic third-person action-adventure game with a hefty amount of exploration, that is the semi-open world, with the different realms connected by one hub. So naturally, the action is non-stop and takes a page out of games like Devil May Cry to craft its battle system. There are a few tweaks to the formula, like Kratos’s Levithan Axe, which can not only be thrown at enemies but also recalled, making for some slower but more strategic play. You also have to keep in mind Atreus, who pitches in with his bow and arrow. When you are not hacking mythical monsters to mush, there are some intricate puzzling and platforming sequences that are genuinely fun and a good break away from the more intense scenes.

‘God of War PC’ game review: Kratos would be proud of this perfect port of a classic

God of War PC is a console game at heart, and it is best if you play this with a controller; it may be awkward with a mouse and keyboard, even though the game does a good job of mapping them. However, if you do have a beefy PC, this game looks incredible in 4K Ultra, looking almost identical to the PlayStation 5’s visuals, but with much better texture fidelity on monitors and superb shadows and lighting. If you do not have a beefy PC (thanks to the ongoing global chip shortage) never fear, the game is still playable on modest hardware too.

God of War for PC is a great excuse to immerse yourself in one of the most visceral experiences in gaming. If you have played it before, now is your chance to replay the original with the vast variety of settings on all those 144Hz refresh rate monitors that make PC gaming so good.

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