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Honda Cars Logo History


Are you sure you know all about the Honda logo? Honda’s badge might not be as complex as other auto brands, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no story behind it worth sharing. Nevertheless, Honda’s logo is one that most people instantly recognize.

Since the inception of this auto brand, its emblem has changed. However, the first letter of the brand’s name, ‘H,’ has always been the highlight of all logos. This article will demystify the history, evolution, and all there is to know about the Honda logo.

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How Did the Iconic Honda Logo Come?

The emblem in the old Honda logo and the current one is quite similar. Both the emblems revolve around the capital letter ‘H.’ The simple reason behind Honda adopting the letter as its overall logo design was to remind the customers of its brand.

The auto brand started by manufacturing commercial trucks, which carried the iconic ‘H’ Honda logo in their hoods. The second product from the brand was a 2-door roadster-style sportscar. The first badge of Honda came in 1961 and was a part of the company for eight long years.

Honda Logo Timeline

Here’s how the Honda logo has revolutionized over the years:



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The 1961 logo is pretty different from today’s logo. The logo included burgundy red in the background and “H” in light blue shades. The unusual style “H” appeared in the centre of a red rectangle. Also, the brand name placed underneath used the simple serif font, which was easy-to-read capital letters.



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In 1969, the Hondo logo received a drastic change. The brand knocked off the brand name and retained only the iconic “H.” Unlike the previous version, the 1969 logo only used black and white. Also, the “H” was a lot narrower. The upper segment of the logo was broader than the lower half.



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The 1981 logo is pretty similar to the current generation logo of Honda. The lines looked more redefined, and the “H” appeared on a monochromic background with a black border. The emblem was rectangular with curved edges. The brand once again showed off its name in bold black font with a choice of the typeface as thick serif.



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The 2000 version of the Honda logo included the brand name underneath the emblem in bright red. The stylized version of “H” in 3D silver design was still a part of its logo. Additionally, the silver arms of the letter “H” appeared slightly elongated on the top.

Meaning of Honda Logo

The logo of Honda has always focused on the stylized version of the letter ‘H.’ The focus on “H” is symbolic of the brand name. However, some experts suggest that it has a deeper meaning. Some people suggest that the symbol is designed to appear as a classic armchair to indicate comfort and safety.

The logo also looks like a man holding his arms up to the sky from a distance. It is a sign of excitement and discovery. The meaning of the emblem was more apparent as the business transformed.


We bet that you didn’t know most of these facts behind the Honda logo history!

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