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Car Brand Logos and Meanings


See the meanings behind some of the most iconic car logos in the world.

A large part of the identity of a car manufacturer depends on its logo, which is why a lot of stress is laid on its prominent placement and its standout nature. Some of the most iconic car brand logos also have rich history hidden behind them and we’re going to give you a lowdown on some of them today. Let’s take a look at them.



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Maseratis may be manufactured in Italy’s Modena today but the company was founded in Bologna back in 1914. And one of the city’s main attractions is the Fountain of Neptune built during the sixteenth century. Maserati’s trident logo is borrowed from the signature trident that is held by Neptune in the statue in question.



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BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or Bavarian Motor Works. Prior to getting this name, the company was called Rapp Motorenwerke and its initial emblem had the BMW inscription inside a black exterior circle. As for the blue and white panels in the middle, they were added later to represent the Bavarian flag. There has been a long enduring myth that the logo looks like spinning air propeller, based on a 1929 ad where BMW promoted an aircraft engine it was manufacturing for Pratt & Whitney. The logo you’re seeing here was unveiled in 2020 as the latest iteration of the iconic emblem.



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The four rings from the Audi logo signify the union of four companies. In the early twentieth century, four companies were merged together to found Audi, which is what gave the company its logo.



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The three-oval logo of Toyota stands out easily and has a deep meaning behind it. The two overlapping ovals form a T-shape in the middle that represents Toyota as well as a steering wheel. As for the outer oval, it symbolizes the world that embraces Toyota.



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Mercedes-Benz used to be called Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft prior to World War I. When the Mercedes-Benz name was adopted, both a three-point star and a four-point star were trademarked, but only the former came to be used and continues to be used as the company logo. It symbolizes the firm’s initial aim of universal motorization – on land, water and air.



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The German company was founded in Stuttgart and is still headquartered there. The exquisite crest on Porsche cars was adopted in 1952. The horse comes from the fact that Porsche’s headquarters was located near a horse-breeding farm, while the antlers and the black and red stripes on the logo are influenced by Württemberg’s state seal.



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The Subaru logo has a lot of meaning behind it. The company’s name itself means ‘The Pleiades’ in Japanese, which is the star cluster in the Taurus constellation. The six stars on the logo not only represent the six most visible stars from the constellation but also the merging of five companies into a large one, which is how Subaru was born.


There is so much that is represented by the logos of car manufacturers. We hope this guide has helped you gain some rich insights on them.

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