Adopt These Important Habits to Lead a Healthy Life in This Pandemic Hit Era


Overall breathwork promotes deep relaxation and helps decrease levels of stress (Image: Shutterstock)

Adopting and leaving some of the following habits could lead to a positive change in our lives.

Many of us have been accustomed to living an unhealthy lifestyle. We are working round the clock and not keeping a check on our habits which can have devastating consequences in future. Now, with the beginning of a new year, it is high time we take some time for self reflection, and target for changes in our lifestyle. Adopting and leaving some of the following habits could lead to a positive change in our lives.

Avoid social media

Social media applications including Facebook, Instagram play an important role in increasing anxiety and depression among people. Individuals witness the happy moments of other’s lives and tend to compare them with others. While it is not possible to shut social media totally, reducing your screen time can have a significant impact. You will witness a positive change in your personality.

Stop over thinking

Try to not overthink constantly about small things. This habit ultimately proves counterproductive. Being bold and feeling courageous is the next habit which you should target this year. Having self-confidence automatically solves many unrelated problems too.

Exercise daily

Kick start your day with simple exercises. You can have a good run or a go for a set of push ups. Exercises boost energy levels and help shedding excess kilos which become a big roadblock to good personality. Gradually shift to the more complex ones.


Cleaning looks quite a burdensome task but gives a feeling of self accomplishment when you are done with it. It helps you in a lot of ways, i.e- saving you from the hassle of cleaning the house in a hurry in case guests arrive. Also, it increases your productivity levels while providing a good sleep.

Read a book

It is another hobby which demands a lot of concentration. Although it helps a lot with an increase in vocabulary and knowledge. Set small targets for yourself if you have just started reading. It can be reading one book in a month.

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