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5 Greatest Bike Name Stories


From Electraglide to Springfield, don’t you find these bike names different? This article will spill all the beans about the story behind the famous bike names!

You can’t call yourself a bike addict if you are unaware of the unique story behind the name of your favorite bikes! These motorcycles from all over the world have intriguing stories behind their names. This article will demystify the unknown stories of how these fantastic bikes got their distinctive names!

Ducati Monster

The Ducati Monster is considered to be the bike that saved the manufacturer from a sticky financial period in the 90s. Designed by Miguel Galuzzi, the idea for the Monster came from a poster of Marlon Brando riding a wild looking bike. At the same time, Galuzzi wanted build lines that were clean, pure and simple. And thus the Monster was born. Christened Il Mostro in Italian, it almost didn’t make it in production thanks to Ducati´s credit issues with suppliers. Even then, Cagiva, who taken over Ducati in 1985, wanted to market the bike under the brand of Cagiva. A last minute change of heart led to the bike being showcased as a Ducati in the Cologne Motor Show in 1992.


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Harley Davidson Electraglide

The Electraglide is blessed with the lazy V-twin engine and ultra comfort, panniers, and top box thanks to the full engine fairing. But do you know that the Electraglide wasn’t the latest model? Harley’s “Panhead” “HydraGlide,” is the brand’s model re-designed from the Harley FL 1941.

Harley decided to go with a quirky new name rather than just lettered designations. The name reflects the brand-new hydraulically-damped telescopic front forks replacing leading-link units. The model got a name makeover to “DuoGlide” in 1958 when it got the latest rear suspension. And so the story goes! 

Indian Springfield

“Indian” wasn’t the first choice for the American brand’s first name. The story goes like – George M. Hendee (former bicycle racer) founded Hendee Manufacturing Company to produce bicycles including American Indian, Silver Queen, and Silver King.

But, the shortening of “Indian American” led to the adoption of “Indian Springfield” as the brand’s first name. The new Springfield is named after a town in Massachusetts, USA. Springfield was the first production site for Indian motorcycles in 1901.


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Laverda Jota

We cannot miss out on this legendary Italian superbike from the 70s! The Laverda Jota enjoyed a long reign from 1976 to 1982. But, the bike, apart from the superb specs, has way more to offer! This boy is an upgraded version of the Laverda 3C Triple.

The Slater Bros of Herefordshire recommended that the Jota has racing parts fitted by the factory. The Laverda Jota boasts of a 1000 cc engine that offers 90bhp, giving it the tag of the fastest produced bike of its time! Laverda is also fondly called the “Lamborghini” of the motorbike industry!

Triumph Daytona

If you are a motorhead, you might already know how Triumph Bonneville got its name. But are you aware of the story behind how this Triumph Bike adopted “Daytona” in its name?

Racer Buddy Elmore secured a win in the Daytona 200 in 1966. Daytona 200 was Triumph’s factory-tuned variant of 500cc Triumph Tiger.

The Tiger harbored twin carbs, a different head, and so on. It was a “mini” Bonneville.

So, in 1967, the company released a road version with the Daytona name! This time in the hands of Gary Nixon, the Triumph Daytona repeated its Daytona win.


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We bet that you didn’t know the unique stories behind the names of these brilliant bikes! Impressive how these bikes got their name, isn’t it?

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