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These Are The Most Dangerous Motorsport Events In The World


Even though motorsports are mostly safe, some events feature harsh and challenging conditions that are potentially dangerous. Read on.

Motorsports present some apparent dangers for the racers. The cars and bikes racing through rugged terrains at breakneck speeds have a high chance of mishaps.

Moreover, unlike some regular motorsport events, a few require off-road endurance missions into the wildlife, racing through challenging courses such as Snaefell Mountain, and similar unimaginably risky conditions.

If the treacherous terrains weren’t enough, the routes for these dangerous races also contain artificial hazards. If you are intrigued enough, let’s explore the world’s five most hazardous races one by one!

Formula One German Grand Prix

Hockenheimring is the current host of the Formula One German Grand Prix. This route is known as the world’s second most dangerous circuit. With several drivers biting the dust during the event, the organizers improved their safety norms.

Nevertheless, the prolonged 20km section includes 150 sharp and risky turns. The circuit also imposes technical headaches due to its size. The ups and downs in the course add to the dangers.


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Indianapolis 500

We agree that the Indianapolis 500 is no longer as dangerous as it used to be. But, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway still is the abode of dangers and fatalities for racers. Unlike other global events, this track isn’t specifically dangerous. But, the racing circuit is not as straightforward as you think.

The track demands high-speed racing across sections. The nasty tracks took the life of Dale Earnhardt at Daytona in 2001.


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Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble

Among the 500 drivers who embark on this tough tournament, only a few manage to finish the challenges. Painful injuries and broken bones are always a lingering threat to motorbike racers of this tournament.

This event takes place in an iron ore mine to heat the danger levels. Failing to stay within the boundaries can lead the riders to fatal injuries. In 2016, only nine racers lasted till the finish of the race.


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The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy

This tournament takes place on a small Irish Sea Island, The Isle of Man. This event is a series of amateur bike and supercar competitions. But, it is notorious for its TT superbike race.

What makes Isle of Man TT so dangerous is that racers have to zoom through narrow public roads at 300kmph.

The motorsport event also takes place in the Snaefell Mountain course that has possibilities of crashing into structures, houses, and walls.


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Dakar Rally

Dakar Rally is the most gruesome tournament in the world of motorsports. Even though the event is currently in South America, it poses immense dangers. This man-made circuit is 9,000km and packed with hazards and unforgiving terrains.

Moreover, enduring the changing climates throughout the event is like dodging a bullet. When the event was hosted in Africa, the racers would go missing for days. Also, did you know that the locals once blamed the racing event for starting a wildfire in the location?


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Don’t these rugged and dangerous motorsport events give you the goosebumps? The steep terrains and risky routes are in no way meant for the faint-hearted!

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