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Better Not Hang Out of that Sunroof


In what could be a precursor to widespread campaigns countrywide, Kolkata Police have initiated a movement against hanging out of car sunroofs especially in busy areas.

With sunroofs becoming a virtual necessity for most car buyers and finding their way into most car models these days, there is another road safety issue that is coming up alongside. Many children and people often hang out of the car sunroof while being driven around. These activities may seem fun and joyful but they may turn dangerous, leading to safety hazards all of a sudden. For bypassing these safety issues, traffic policemen of Kolkata’s Lalbazar zone have been directed to begin their campaign against people who are hanging out of their car sunroofs while the vehicle is on the move.


Police have seen several instances recently where people are putting their own lives at risk by hanging out of sunroofs in moving cars, especially in busy zones such as the AJC Bose Road flyover or the Maa flyover. These are recorded by neighbourhood CCTVs which offer ample proof for police personnel to initiate action against the offenders. A fine of ₹ 1,000 will now be imposed by Kolkata traffic police on those violating the rules under the Motor Vehicles Act Section 184 (F). Two offenders have already been penalized by the East Guard in the Park Street-Maa Flyover-Park Circus flyover stretch.


Kolkata traffic police feel that the campaign will make people aware of the harmful impact of hanging out of the sunroof while the car is moving. The activity puts other people at risk inside the car along with the individuals themselves. The South, South-East and East traffic guards have also been deployed to take action as part of this campaign. Instead of catching people on the spot and issuing traffic challans, the policemen are taking recourse to CCTV video footage and then taking legal action accordingly. Over the last few months, the trend has increased for people suddenly popping their heads out of the sunroof in moving cars. In several instances, these people have hurt their necks, throats and even heads and injuries have been caused by wires and kite strings as well.



Owing to the winter season and the pleasant climes all around, many people are hanging out of moving car sunroofs. These incidents may increase in the near future as well. As a result, to prevent unfortunate mishaps from taking place, Kolkata traffic police are taking legal action against offenders. This will raise more awareness about the pitfalls of the practice.

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