Say No To Toothpicks, For It Causes More Harm To Your Teeth, Gums Than Anything else


Oral health, not many realise, is just as important as the physical, and forms an important part of the well-being of the human body. Our gums sometimes become a carrier of cavities and germs into the body, leading to other disorders.

People are often seen using toothpicks or matchsticks to remove the cavities from the teeth, which may lead to big trouble for your teeth and gums. Using toothpicks can be harmful to your oral health as it leads to various gum-related problems

A toothpick can lead to unwanted infection in gums and can also damage the root canal and dental structure of one’s mouth

Creates gap between the teeth:

Excessive use of toothpicks can lead to a gap between your teeth, which will not only increase the problem of jaw pain but also increase the possibility of food getting stuck in between your teeth and gums.

Weakens your teeth:

Cleaning or digging teeth gums with a toothpick or matchstick damages the enamel layer of your teeth, eventually weakening them.

Can damage roots of your teeth

Frequent use of toothpicks will damage the roots of your teeth. While using a toothpick, even if a single piece of broken toothpick gets stuck in your gums, it will damage the tissues in the root.

Bleeding gums

Dentists often advise people against using toothpicks if they have bleeding gums, for they may cause even more damage or injuries.

Imbibe these habits:

It is highly recommended to give up the habit of cleaning teeth with a toothpick or matchstick. Instead, you can use a neem datun stick to remove the food stuck in your gums as neem is antibacterial and it will not harm your oral health.

Make a habit of brushing your teeth after lunch and dinner as it completely eliminates the problem of cavities in your gums. The use of warm water with salt for cleaning can also help you to have better gums.

(Disclaimer: The information given in this article is based on general assumptions. News18 does not confirm them. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned specialist. )

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