BJP to ‘Expose’ Kejriwal Govt Over Liquor Policy by Targeting Delhi, Punjab Women Voters


With the Punjab legislative assembly election around the corner, the BJP has decided to target women voters against Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) liquor policy and “expose” Arvind Kejriwal’s promise of an ‘alcohol-free state’.

The BJP organised protests across 15 spots in Delhi against AAP’s excise policy to target women voters ahead of Punjab assembly election and Delhi Municipal Corporation polls this year.

Ramesh Bidhuri, one of the seven MPs in Delhi, told News18 that the protest was to expose hypocrisy and two-faced Kejriwal government.

“In Punjab, Kejriwal goes and promises a liquor-free state. This was part of AAP’s manifesto last elections too. While he speaks about alcohol addiction free state in Punjab, here in Delhi he passes a policy to have more liquor shops and not just in commercial but in residential areas, decreasing the age of those who can consume liquor legally, extending hours for pub for girls. This double-faced man and his government should be exposed,” Bidhuri said.

The BJP is strategising to corner AAP in Punjab over Delhi’s ‘liberal’ excise policy. AAP, however, maintains that the new excise policy aims to streamline the revenue and plug holes in the system.

AAP’s former leader, Kumar Vishwas, took to Twitter and alleged corruption in passing the new excise policy.

“In 2016, the liquor mafia had approached me along with an MLA but I warned and reprimanded them. Now, a brother-in-law of a younger one has inked the deal at Rs 500 crore,” Vishwas tweeted.

Sources said BJP will be using this issue in Punjab elections to ‘expose’ Kejriwal. Also, there are municipal corporation elections in April, the party will take this issue to women voters in Delhi too.

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