5 Things You Should Keep in Mind That May Lead to Hair Loss


We have to be honest with ourselves and realise that a good head of hair is not something that is going to stay with us for too long. Hair growth and density are majorly affected by the genetics that we carry with us. However, apart from the genes, there are other factors that can greatly influence our hair.

Now, there is no way to control our genetics, but you can surely control and tune other factors to your benefit so that you can keep the lush in your hair for a bit too long.

Watch What You Eat

Eating habits majorly reflect on our body’s condition from outside and inside. The diet that you consume every day must be made up of all vital nutrients that the body needs to maintain healthy functioning. If you crash your diets to shed off some kilos, you might start shedding hair too.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones are the magic chemicals that control everything from emotions to physical growth. An imbalance can lead to a drastic reduction in hair growth. Hormonal Imbalance is never a primary disease but a consequence of other ailments such as obesity, diabetes, PCOD, etc.

Over Care is Bad Too

Caring for your hair is a healthy habit, but some people might go overboard thinking that it will only benefit their hair, but unfortunately, they are wrong. Overdoing activities incorporating your haircare routine be counter-productive and can damage the quality and growth of your hair.


Certain medication intakes can also affect your hair. Therefore, it is important that you take proper medical assistance before starting any medicine course. Since a dose might be healing one thing but damaging others.

Scalp Hygiene

The scalp is the ground that holds your hair in place and keeps the roots deep and healthy. An unhealthy scalp can prove to be a pest for your hair and can foster the growth of bacteria and fungi, which can suffocate hair growth and even make them weak in the roots causing hair fall.

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