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Porsche Teams Up With Polyphone Digital for Porsche Vision Gran Turismo EV Racer


The car will be a playable option in the Gran Turismo 7 game that releases on March 4, 2022, exclusively on the Sony PlayStation 5.

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The car is not a real product but a playable car in the game

Porsche has teamed up with Polyphony Digital, the Sony-owned studio that’s behind the iconic racing simulation Gran Turismo. For its upcoming Gran Turismo 7 game which will debut on the PlayStation 5, Porsche provides a glimpse of the future which it has co-designed with Polyphony Digital. 

“The appeal of a Porsche comes from its purist design, and in terms of engineering expertise, both we and Porsche follow the same perfectionist philosophy. We share the same passion for racing and are looking to the future of the car,” said Kazunori Yamauchi, the president of Polyphony Digital. 

“We can engage young and digital target groups in the place where their automotive dreams are born: the world of gaming. The partnership with Polyphony Digital and ‘Gran Turismo’ is a perfect fit for Porsche because motorsport – whether real or virtual – is part of our DNA,” said Porsche’s VP of marketing Pedro Mota. 


The futuristic car has very unique interiors

The car which will be exclusive to the iconic PS5 franchise has a very low slung silhouette that has massive wheels. It is low in its hood and in relation to the size of its wheels as well as featuring some of the current iconic Porsche design philosophies. 

The exterior is clean and reflective of aerodynamic efficiency that’s reflective of something that will remind one of a LeMans car. Everything is made out of exposed carbon fiber and the shape of the steering wheel and digital instrument cluster also add to the futuristic flair. 


Gran Turismo 7 will debut on the PS5 on March 4, 2022. 

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